Coding my best.

Rails/Javascript Project complete.

The javascript project felt much more clunky at times compared to the other projects, I think that this was because of being built on top of the previous rails project. The way that my rails project was set up lead me to a few confusing issues within my javascript. The relationships between my challenges and workouts with a join table of challengeworkouts didn’t at first make sense to me in javascript. I had to ignore some of the original project and simply concentrate on the requirements of the javascript to get everything working. The longest hold up that I ran into working though my javascript was getting $(this).serialize() to return a serialized piece of script when I was calling an event listener for my form. After days of struggling to figure out what was happening I met with Dalia, and she pointed me in the right direction when she mentioned that arrow functions treat “this” differently then the normal sytax for a function. I changes the arrow function to a regular function, and voila, I had a serialized “this”. I won’t soon forget that lesson! To fufill the project requirements I have added buttons to my user show page that provide a list of current challenges and expired challenges. On the challenge show page you can click on the challenge to get more information about it, and you can also add a workout to the page. Working on this has really helped alot of things in javascript click for me. I wasn’t fully grasping the concept of an internal API until working thorough the requirements of this project. I’m excited to move onto React!

Rails Project - Fit Challenge

Back in October a good friend of mine challenged me to do 100 workouts by the end of the year (challenge was not completed, but that’s besides the point). He looked around for a way to keep track of our workouts, but couldn’t find a good app. He made a spreadsheet instead, and then said a few things that he wished the spreadsheet would do. After an hour or so of messing around with it, I had set up a bunch of the things he had been hoping for. I also had an idea for my rails project.

Sinatra App.

I really enjoyed working on the Sinatra Project because I finally felt like I was beginning to understand how everything connects. The big picture. It took me a very long time to complete this project due to family obligations and general life interruptions and also a complete computer meltdown which lead to a new computer (exciting, but frustrating). I worried that when I came back to the project after all the different interruptions I would be lost. However, at least some of the information seems to be sticking and I really enjoyed the overall process of creating this app!

CLI project complete.

I was actually really excited to dive into the first real project. I wanted to see if I had been able to hang on to any of the knowledge that I had been trying to squash into my brain for the past nine months or so. The answer was some of it yes, some of it no.

The tiniest mistake.

I just spent three days banging my head against the computer, thinking the last 9 months of studying have all been for nothing. I just didn’t get it. At all. I googled every previous answer I could find. I studied each, hoping for some clue, but just could not figure out why doing it that way would help out with the error I was getting. It was the cash register OO lab, and the mistake was =+ vs. +=. Thank goodness for the “Ask a Question”.